Friday, January 25, 2013


What a great week!

First, Saturday night was my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  We started planning a couple years ago, and after 40 years of snowy birthday weekends, I wasn't sure about a party, but the weather held out so people could safely travel from all over and return safely home again.  Mom worked, shopped and worried for weeks.  She made most of the food herself- my favorite? 15 pounds of potato salad.  Their first dance started out to May I Have This Dance? and busted into Gangman Style.  We all had so much fun!
   Their cake
Next, Tuesday was my birthday.  My friends had balloons delivered to school, and 20 little friends wished me well all day long.
  There is no picture of cake because we haven't had one yet. Maybe tomorrow.
Then, this was my breakfast duty week.  Why is that included in a great week?  Well, a friend needed to switch awhile back so she filled in on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Yesterday wasn't bad at all.  (Climbing on my soapbox) Our school is has a totally free hot breakfast and lunch program.  Children are welcome to eat from 7:30- 8:10 am.  Nobody likes waiting in line, I get that, but it's not right to get in front of other children.  It's my personal mission to make sure everybody joins at the end of the line as they get off the bus.  It angers some children, one girl even kicked the wall.
Anyway, this leads up to today- Friday! added bonus? a Snow Day!  I plan to start early on my Friday Night Sew-In sewing.  What will you make this evening?

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