Tuesday, February 5, 2013


How did I manage my sewing time last week?
Tuesday- finger puppet wrestlers.  My son cuts them out of felt, I sew.
Wednesday- no sew
Thursday- no sew
Friday- no sew
Saturday- pillow cover
Sunday- no sew
Monday- tiny tote 
February's theme is to have a dedicated work space.  My sewing machine and fabric stash are in our middle bedroom.  My favorite place to handquilt is the snack bar in our kitchen.  It's the perfect height and I can see the TV.
Our principal scheduled a Beat the Winter Blahs lunch for yesterday.  We had a snow day, then a 2-hour delay this morning, and lots of people brought crockpots full of soup. I took these yummo Valentine m&m brownies:
Nothing beats the blahs like chocolate, I say.
Here's a picture of my pink bow scarf in action.
I cut off about 8 inches on each end, including the fringe. 


thea said...

You did lots of different things this week. soup and chocolate. great ways to beat the winter blahs ..

Kate said...

Some weeks it just doesn't happen in the sewing department, dedicated space or not. Still you've got some stuff done.

Love the scarf, very bright and cheery. Welcome to the 15 minute challenge. Thanks for linking up this week.