Friday, February 22, 2013

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The Story of a Whim (Hill, Grace Livingston, 1924)

A group of girls see a crate being shipped to Florida, assume it's going to a poor, lonely girl and decide to send a box of Christmas presents.  Instead, the recipient is a young man.  Everybody has the right intentions and means well, but some embarrassing situations ensue.
The setting is an orange grove.  There are some really cute descriptions of how in Florida, when the sun sets, it's all the sudden pitch black with no twilight. 
I used some of my purple stash to make a couple more bibs.
The colors make me think spring.
Wonder what next month's color will be?


scraphappy said...

Glad you found some purple to use. Such a pretty collection of projects.

Elly D said...

You have used such pretty purple fabrics in the bibs for China :)

Sheila said...

Such pretty purple bibs.