Saturday, February 16, 2013


Last week's 15 Minute Challenge:
Tues- 2 crayon rolls
Wed- no sew, but I did make Valentine cookies
Thurs- little tote
Fri- printed, cut out bib pattern for Hopeful Thread's February project
Sat- no sew
Sun- bought tablepad for waterproof backing of bibs
Mon- no sew
Still some no sewing days, but some sewing-ish stuff.

We were also asked to share our designated sewing space:
This is in our spare bedroom.  In our first apartment, it was the dining table, at which we quite cosily fit 6 adults sometimes.  I'll leave the rest of the room to your imagination... not because it looks like an episode of Hoarders, though.  Please note the snowstorm outside today.
There are several large pieces in my purple stash.  
Go see what everybody worked on this week for Rainbow Challenge. 


scraphappy said...

Hope you find some time to do something fun with your lovely collection of perple fabrics.

Pattilou said...

You sound busy. You've got some lovely fabric.

Kate said...

Still better than half the week on sewing-ish stuff. That's pretty good. I envy you your window in front of your machine. That's probably the biggest drawback to my sewing room, only one window and it's set back from the rest of the room.

Edith said...

Sewing with a view and sunlight is nice, I hope you get a chance to cut into your purple stash.

Sheila said...

I also envy your window in front of the sewing machine. Lovely purple fabrics. Looking forward to seem them turned into purple blocks next Saturday.

Cassandra said...

Hurray for snow! I'm so jealous! :D