Monday, March 11, 2013


Inspired by Mandy, I used this technique to write about Saturday as my Writing Workshop mini-lesson and now... for you!

I picked Colton up from his Daddy's house.  They had Wendy's for dinner.
Before that, I looked for two specific books at the library. (I was at the wrong branch)
Before that, I made a deposit at the bank.
Before that, I wrote tomorrow's lesson plans.
Before that, I took kiddos to the bus in the rain carrying my hot pink umbrella from IKEA.
Before that, we wrote in journals and explored how to find a missing addend.
Before that, we had center time and indoor playtime.
Before that, I had a banana, Valentine chocolates and water for lunch.
Before that, we wrote 7up sentences with our vocabulary words.
Before that, we had RTI centers, put new spelling words in abc order, and read Peter's Chair.
Before that, our Reading Specialist and Superintendent stopped to say hello.
Before that, our Instructional Supervisor came for an observation.
Before that, I filled in for a friend's breakfast duty.
Before that, I was at home having breakfast with no idea how many visitors my little classroom would have today.


Betsy said...

What a lovely way to start the day, naive. ;) I would much rather have people just show up than know ahead of time. Sounds like a full and lovely day.

Storykeeper said...

A busy day to be sure. I liked the format.