Thursday, March 7, 2013


I used a 31 Slices to Inspire suggestion Walk for 10 minutes & write about it for a shared writing chart.  We each walked a lap around the hallway and reported back something interesting.
These short slices of life can tell you a lot about our day.
I've been reading an excellent article about the six types of syllables.  The stuff experienced readers just know, but little guys need to be taught explicitly.  We've always identified double whammies (two of the same letter sitting together) but now we have a reason.  Usually, the vowel in front of two consonants uses its short sound.  We used our chart to find double whammy patterns.
We found all sorts of words that fit the rule, (purple)
 noticed that double whammy L changes A's sound,
and some introduced some vowel teams. (orange)
And now, it's an Anchor Chart! 


Tammy Klinger said...

I like that double whammy! Great idea.

Cathy said...

It looks like you collected a lot of ideas on a 10 minute walk. I'm always trying to think of something we can write about together. Perhaps a ten minute walk around the school would help us find it.


Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Great idea. I did something like this for my sixth graders when we began slicing back in September...they need some scaffolding.

Storykeeper said...

What a great idea. You have provided some great scaffolding for your kids.