Tuesday, November 12, 2013

share, thankful

Cassandra is hosting Reading to Know's November book club choice Little Women.  After checking the school library, no luck, a friend let me borrow a copy.  You don't have to walk far down an elementary school hallway to find classic children's books.

Cassandra asked, "Which sister do you most identify with?"  I'm a little Jo-ish.  She is described as odd and blunt- me in a nutshell.  But, I'm also kind of Marmee-like- older and sentimental.  This is only after eight chapters.  It may change.

November 2013 Gratitude
Day 11: Nothing out of the ordinary- just thankful for a good-old regular day.
Day 12: Waking up to a light dusting of snow


Book Mama said...

Look forward to hearing more thoughts about the book! I've not reread it in a while...and I'm definitely a Jo girl myself!

Jaana said...

I love Little Women! Both the book and the movie. Jo's courage and persistence are close to my heart.

travelinma said...

Gosh, I loved Little Women when I re-read it a few years ago.

Maureen said...

Love Little Women! Jo is the hero, but I am always amazed at how I can find parts of myself in all the girls...I was always so jealous, this family of girls! (I grew up with only brothers) Have fun with your re-read!

Kate said...

I haven't read little women in years. That would be a fun book to put on my Christmas reading list.