Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Snow Days!
Lots of pancakes, oatmeal, baking, sewing and snuggling.  Surely, we will have school tomorrow!
Put white borders on the other six blocks, then couldn't wait to see how these would look all together:
I'm also working on a scrappy border and the back of another quilt.  Need something to handsew in the evenings after school.


Jaana said...

What a productive way to spend the cold days! It's going to be a beautiful quilt.

elsie said...

I appreciate those who can create with fabric. Your quilt will be beautiful. I especially like the pop of the green.

Donna Smith said...

Cute quilt! Now I'm feeling guilty. The next snow day I'm going to work on the one I started ages ago. It's too easy to set aside and not pick up again!

scraphappy said...

So pretty! Those triangle corners really add a pop to the top. Hope it warms up soon.

Kate said...

Very pretty. I like the pop the green and yellow add.