Thursday, March 6, 2014


Today I...enjoyed every second of a one-hour delay- exercised, read/posted about Proverbs Challenge (chapter 6 if you've joined us) took my time getting ready for the school day

Today I...let two cars go in front of me at the Middle School parking lot.  Imagine how smoothly long lines of traffic would move if each person just let one car go.  Please, take turns.

Today I...knocked out a lot of our third Reading DEA test.  I start with the longer passages and back up, easy peasy.

Today I...had a right Twix and a bottle of water for lunch.

Today I...suggested a topic for a first-grade friend.  He usually writes, "We went to the store and went home," or a close variation.  Write about playtime!  He kind of did :)

Today I...forgot to write a thank-you note to our Special Guest Reader. 

Today I...totally used a new writing format that I learned from Aggie on Day 5.  Thanks!  Keep the great ideas coming, friends!

Today, a year ago I...March 6, 2013 Slice


Kathleen Douglas said...

Love the idea of. Today I...

I need to try that. Thanks for sharing your day!

Leigh Anne Eck said...

Oh, I love this format! Thanks to you through Aggie. I love how you linked last year's post too! This is my first challenge but I will certainly use it next year. Have a great day.

Kate said...

Looks like a busy but good day.