Saturday, April 26, 2014

make, share

So thankful today is Saturday.  What a looonnng week.  Monday and Tuesday were normal, but Wednesday through Friday?  My first-grade friends seem to think all the rules have flown out the window.  I may have even said something to that effect in a loud-ish voice yesterday.

Wednesday evening? An online Math Fluency class.
Thursday afternoon? My son's transition-to-highschool meeting.  It's all gonna be good! 
Today? Some sunshine and a trip to the garden center!

Working on this is fun, too.
My mostly pink block
with enough lavender to link-up
with the last purple Saturday.


Deb A said...

Very pretty block! Hopefully these way too busy weeks (I hear you on the first graders... trickles down to K and PreK in my house!) are over soon for some nice summer time fun.

Kate said...

Very pretty pink block.

On to high school? DT is almost finished with year 1. It goes way to fast!