Friday, April 4, 2014


Listening- to Gunsmoke.  I love Festus.
Loving- a couple days for Spring Break- thought we should use yesterday and today for make-up days, but at home relaxing is just as nice.
Thinking- about how to organize the colors on my latest quilt top.  Joined KarrieLyne's quilt-along Diamond in the Rough.   Added some pink half-square triangles to the stacks.
Wanting- not a thing!  Have everything I need and a whole bunch of my wants.
Needing- to get some groceries.  Have basics in the pantry and freezer, need some side dishes :)
Hours and Last Day- 7:45ish to 3:30. June 3 for kids, June 10 for teachers.


Angie Monahan said...

Those look like they will make a beautiful quilt! Good luck with that! I WISH I could do stuff like that, but it's not in the cards right now. Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Kate said...

The HSTs have some pretty fabrics in them. Looking forward to seeing how they all go together.

Cassandra said...

Pretty HSTs! I too am looking forward to seeing how your projects looks.