Sunday, June 1, 2014


Listening- to my sweeeet air conditioner, so thankful on this 87 degree day
Loving- the last week of school, even though I've had the sweeeetest bunch of kids this year
Thinking- about our last one-minute timing in Reading tomorrow.  Several will meet our goal of 60 words per minute.
Wanting- to get a little sunshine today- too humid
Needing- to put pretty new sheets on the daybed in my sewing/ Guest room
Summer Bucket List- two vacations the last two weeks of June, one north, the other south, staying home during July


Rachel Wilser said...

Humidity is the worst part of the summer! Thankfully, ours is really low right now. (That will probably last about one more day.)

Mary Bauer said...

I love the quilt I could see in the thumbnail on Currently. We are having sun, but not a lot of humidity.
Artistry of Education

Cassandra said...

I'm excited that you get to take a vacation! I hope you have a blast!

Kate said...

Hope the last week of school went smoothly.

Enjoy your vacations!