Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Waffle Wednesday!
Each Wednesday this summer Colton and I plan to seek out a waffle, eat it and tell all.  This morning we ordered the Southern Pecan waffle at Huddle House.
 (Rating scale: 1-10)
Cuteness: 10! Look at the little Hs in the middle!
Taste: 5. pretty good, the pecan pieces were XLarge.
Side orders of bacon and hashbrowns? 9
Service? Yes.
With a smile? No.
One waitress trying to service 6 tables and the counter. Not quite fair to her.
We left what I consider a nice tip to help make her day better.
Where to next week? Stay tuned!


Cassandra said...

That looks really yummy!!

Angie said...

Such a fun idea! I have fond memories of having waffles with my boys at a famous local diner during their school exam breaks. I think we have a Huddle House nearby, I'll have to try to check it out!

Kate said...

Cool idea for summer treats. Now I want waffles, but will have to settle for cereal.