Saturday, September 27, 2014


I've been needing a hand-sewing project to work on in the evenings,
so I pieced this backing using some larger cuts from my stash.
Excited to work on a favorite UFO. 
Speaking of my stash, I've never been more thankful for it.
I've been doing a little fabric shopping here and there.
Love remnant bins!
But, when in the world did fabric start costing $12 a yard?
Some recent additions.
And I'd love to say I'm having a pleasant school year.
But, I'm not :(


Nell's Quilts said...

Lovely new purchases. $12 a yard isn't too bad - I've seen $14 and up to $22. I can see I'm really going to be using up the stash in the next while until there's a great sale on somewhere.
Sorry to hear the new school year isn't off to a great start.

scraphappy said...

Fabric does seem expensive these days. So nice to have stashes in case a quilting emergency hits.

Kate said...

Fabric has gotten really expensive, so I try to buy it when it's on sale. You have some new beauties to play with in your stash.

Hope your school year gets better.

Cassandra said...

Ooh, gorgeous fabric!! Hope you have fun making it into something beautiful!

What's going wrong at school? I hope next week is better!

Deb A said...

Hope school goes better next week for you. I agree - fabric prices are going up with everything else. Makes me so happy to have the fabric closet I do have from when I was working and could afford to splurge on fabric.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Like Deb A said - I built my stash when I was working. Now I can shop my stash instead of the stores!7680

Dasha said...

Well I would be delighted to pay $12 a yard for fabric. You would be too, when the price of your everyday average quilting fabric is $A22-24, which translates to $US19-21!
You can buy cheaper fabric here, but its made in India and the weave is dodgy and they often run.