Monday, February 9, 2015


Super fun Saturday!
Bought new snow-day play clothes- black is so slimming-
and went tubing at Perfect North with 53 friends from church.
We had a blast!
I did not carry my purse all day :)

Snow days are few and far between this year.
It's really cutting into my sewing/crafting time.
Started hand-quilting a little top (pictures coming soon)
and worked on the next page in my art journal:
The theme was color wheel.
Who knew I loved to watercolor paint so much?


Cassandra said...

It looks like you two are ready to have lots of fun!!

Kate said...

We've had no snow days so far, but since we are expected to get freezing rain Sunday night, that may change. Looks like you both were all set for the snow. Love your art journal entries.