Monday, March 23, 2015


     After a wonderfully relaxing weekend including lunch out with my parents, walking outside and an afternoon nap, it was back to real life. First-grade style!
Monday's goals:
Reading DEA- finish test with three students. Met this goal with a few extras! Tuesday- only three kiddos to go
Math DEA- finish test with four students. Met this goal, too! Worked with one of my most challenging wiggle worms first, then three others. Rest of the week- Fifteen to go.
Reading project- read third story in Book 2 with my little buddy. She only read four words in a minute today, but the first line included people and neighborhood. Disclaimer: She made the n sound at first, then said city, which shows she understands the context. As I learned during Whole Language days, I said, "It means the same as city, but it starts with n." She read many silent e words independently. Changing my ending goal to finishing Book 2 the second week of April.
Fluency check- Fresh Read one-minute timing with sixteen children. Only had time for one-my next to lowest reader.
     These individual activities are interspersed with all our regular, on-level work: Yellow book phonics, new story, new spelling words, ai/ay word sort/ find, Read-to-Self, RtI centers, Writer's Workshop and new for today...a Number Talk. It was too easy for them, but okay for a first time. Outdoor playtime topped off the day.

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Kate said...

Sounds like a productive day. I'd be exhausted after a day like that!