Monday, March 16, 2015


Two weeks before Spring Break. We're all a little antsy. This calls for a change of pace!

1. My six highest readers (two were absent today) were invited to choose a Magic Tree House chapter book for Self-Selected Reading. I've used books 1-6 for read-alouds this year. Our class is really into them. Nick said, "I'm gonna read mine right now!" It was like Christmas morning.

2. My six lowest readers (one was absent this morning) were assigned an on-level reading passage to read with their parents three evenings this week. Four of them immediately began practicing...The other?

3. Brings me to my reading project buddy. Remember? My little friend that's reading our second book for the second time? She just put the passage in her backpack.  Later, she read 11 words per minute from a lower-level passage. Down from 14 last week. I'm not getting discouraged!

4. We go everywhere in line order starting with the first day of school. This prevents the dreaded, "He CUT!" which gets on my last nerve. Well, today, we lined up for lunch in REVERSE line order. It confused some kiddos, used to being in the front, but thrilled my back of the line friends. Nobody figured out (yet!) that they're sitting by the same kids, just on the other side.

Nine school day to go until I'm sitting on the beach!


Mary said...

Two weeks! You can do it- enjoy your beach reward.

Beth said...

Sounds like it is going well! Congrats to all your readers and your hard work! Hang in there to spring break! We have one week to go.

Lori said...

As we got in line to walk down the hall for pick up someone complained, "he cut me!"
I asked, "does that mean he will get to go home with your mom?"
Complete silence.

Kate said...

Hope your reading buddy turns a corner soon.