Thursday, March 19, 2015


Thursday evening
chicken potpie
Diet Coke
clean dishes
folded laundry
Candy Crush
warm bath
good book
cozy jammies
coffee cake
hot tea
fleece Snuggie
Law & Order
sleepy time


rissable said...

Oh my goodness...sounds delightful!

Anita Ferreri said...

I love how your poem is found in the pieces of your day. Wonderful format.

Ramona said...

Chicken pot pie - the perfect comfort food... and then clean dishes and folded laundry before a good book, cozy jammies, and coffee cake - a delicious ending to your day.

Kate said...

Wonderful evening!

Cassandra said...

Psst! I have been playing way too much Candy Crush lately. I had never played it until we found out that Cin-Ru plays. I wanted to know what she's playing so checked it out, and... whoops. 100+ levels later...