Sunday, April 12, 2015


     Borrowed Throw Out Fifty Things by Gail Blanke from the library. (It's overdue but I'm almost finished) She suggests writing down what you declutter and sorting it into trash, donation or sell.  Here goes:
I started before my beach trip and haven't stopped yet.

1. Lots of magazines. I cut out a few recipes we still want to try. T for Trash.
2. Three of Colton's swim trunks, a sweat jacket, two West Virginia T-shirts. Like items Colton's clothes, no matter how many, count as one. HCM for donation to Huntington City Mission.
3. My clothes A pair of really-wide leg jeans, a WV sweatshirt. G for donation to Goodwill. Two blingy, V-neck Quacker Factory T-shirts. HCM  Blingy denim jacket Gave to my mom.
4. Snow cone maker shaped like a snowman. Colton received this as a birthday gift and the gift-giver's mom insisted we make snow cones during the party. Only used once. G
5. Toy shark for school that's too realistic for me. G
6. Two bracelets I got at Disneyworld. G Pirate necklace T
7. Metal/spring thing to hang a plate on the wall. G
8. Sunglasses I borrowed from the Lost and Found for playtime one day. HCM
9. Four tiny Halloween toys that spring-up. T
10. Skeleton magnet T
11. Two eyeshadows and two foundations. T
12. Three frayed bristle toothbrushes. T
* Found two hair-dryers and two bags of cotton balls *
13. One of those hair-dryers with the diffuser. HCM
14. Too-wide animal print headband that always hurt my head. HCM
15. Three bunches of artificial Fall flowers. Gave to my mom.
16. Two boxes that a watch came in, some old medicine T
17. Scarf that I made from an old T-shirt. T
18. Two CDs, two cassette tapes T
19.  A whistle. T
20. Two snack/drink twist-on carriers, snack boxes. Never used. HCM
and I am just getting started :)
Edited: 21. Pair of Colton's tennis shoes, washed and drying in the sun G
22. Two little buckets G

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Cassandra said...

Wow! You're doing great with the list. I love decluttering and am always so happy to do it. Once I get around to it, of course. ;) I finally sorted through everything on the top shelf of my bookshelf. Two more shelves to go and then two more bookshelves downstairs. Progress!