Saturday, April 18, 2015


     I am a basically a homebody. Travel is wonderful, but there's always that point when it's time to head home. With Daylight Savings time it's a little easier to get stuff done in the evenings, but we're usually home right after school. Until this week...
Monday- I fixed baked ziti, yum, then we went across the street to Ladies Circle meeting. Fun evening discussing upcoming plans for church with sweet friends.
Tuesday- We'll start with this picture:
Yes, indeedy, that's me and my friend Sarah spinning the big wheel at the Price is Right Live show!! We were not picked to go on stage, nor did we win any consolation prizes. It was still a wonderful evening. Most of the contestants played along and had fun. We got home at 11:10. Super late for an old, spinster teacher.
Wednesday- Made chicken fajitas with beans and rice for dinner.Went to church. 
Thursday- stopped to get Colton a haircut on the way home. Ordered $4.98 large Papa John's. Did absolutely nothing else.
Friday- ate leftover pizza, and again, did absolutely nothing else
How was your week?

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Cassandra said...

Price is Right! How fun! I haven't seen that show in ages but always loved watching it. I'm so glad that you had fun with it!