Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Remember my not-as-long PD day? It was sooo worth it.
All about Growth Mindset.
I tried to remember the five components and tell my boyfriend :)
as we were walking last evening.
Kids need to be able to handle and work through
challenges and obstacles
giving effort while accepting constructive criticism
and using the success of others.
(I had to check the chart for the last two)
I just said last week
about telling time to the half-hour:
This may be hard today,
but in a few days it will be easy.
Who knew I was already using this stuff?
Happy Tuesday!


Lisa Keeler said...

Good pd days are always a plus! Enjoy your week using what you learned.

Kate said...

It's always good to walk away with at least one thing from a training class. Sounds like you did.