Friday, March 3, 2017


Reasons to be happy today or Why I love Friday...
1. Tomorrow is Saturday
2. Fourth grade was having a reward movie so while the popcorn machine was running our aides volunteered to pop popcorn for us too!
3. Spelling test and take home packets were the only urgent things to finish today.
4. Friends made a Taco Bar lunch- a fundraiser for their summer mission trip.
5. Visited with other friends while I ate this lunch.
6. Indoor recess did not get too crazy loud.
7. Ordered Papa John's for dinner, all I had to make was fresh iced tea
8. Already sewed a little
9. Got over 11,000 steps 
Why are you happy today?

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2015 Pancake Day at IHOP- must be a floating holiday, this year it's Mar 7
2014 21 Snow days??
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J Koval said...

Love this ! The little things in life are so important. Thanks for reminding us all of that, 😀 ~JudyK

Kate said...

It's nice to remember the little things that make our life so rich.