Sunday, March 4, 2018


     It seems like anything I do the night before takes a fraction of the time it would in the morning. Laying out clothes, putting stuff in my purse, even getting my towel and washcloth ready just takes a second the night before
     Same goes for planning meals. I wrote down what we had for dinner every night during 2017 on a calendar. We pretty much have a two-week rotation of stuff we like. The more I shop and prep on the weekend, the easier it is when we're starving after school. Here's this week's plan:

I made Chex Mix to snack on this evening. I'll pack it for lunches tomorrow with an icy cold Diet Coke.

Monday: chicken/stuffing casserole, lima beans. I baked and cut-up the chicken this afternoon. 

Tuesday: homemade spaghetti sauce, garlic bread. I use 2 pounds of ground chuck, which provides planned overs for the freezer.

Wednesday: Three-hour after-school PD on school safety. Colton spends the evening with his dad, I'll have something from the freezer or run through McDonald's on the way home.

Thursday: I usually make something, but this week Colton will have a Little Caesar's "hot and ready" (also his lunch on Friday) and I'll have something from the freezer 

Friday: Colton is going to Lexington with his dad for Comic-Con so Bill and I will probably have dinner out somewhere. Wednesday is usually our date night.

So, I'm only cooking two nights, 
but some weeks are crazy like that.


Unknown said...

I could totally relate to the planning of meals, outfits, etc...Lucky you that you only need to cook twice this week.

Lori said...

I'm now craving Chex Mix and a Diet Coke! I envy your organization, I'm not even sure of what we'll have for dinner tomorrow!

Colleen said...

I have found that it really helps to plan my meals out for a two week time period. Paycheck to paycheck. Best of luck with your menu planning