Sunday, November 21, 2010


Dawn of the Morning (Hill, GL, 1939)

Charles marries Dawn to cover his brother's dishonesty, but as only Mrs. Hill can manage, she doesn't realize it for several chapters. After happily finding out the truth, her new mother-in-law's mean comments cause her to leave immediately.
During her trip, she stops at a house for johnny-cake and milk. The lady shares some doughnuts for the road.
Dawn comes upon a little village and is employed as the new school teacher- a job with it's own problems, but many blessings, also. She finds this out later, but I'm not willing to ruin the ending for you. Here's a hint: Before their trip to find Dawn, Charles is waiting for Daniel to pack, his mother brings out cold ham, bread and butter, apple pie and doughnuts.

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