Friday, April 29, 2011

make, give

I had to make just two stars for the Moda/ Quilts of Valor project.
Picture this:  Getting so excited to use my last little bit of navy blue, starry fabric to make this block.  Sewing while meantime making chicken fried rice.  Going back and forth between kitchen and middle bedroom (sewing room) stirring and sewing.
Look closely at the points on the blue flying geese.  See where I didn't press before sewing on the second triangle on each one?  You don't?  How sweet!  But I do.  Tried to trim it up to no avail.  I'm gonna keep it for my summery, redwhiteandblue picnic throw.    
Made the red bandanna star the next evening after dinner concentrating on it only.  Live and learn. The chicked fried rice was really good.

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