Monday, May 2, 2011


Quilts Without Borders
Have you ever tried to make Pittsburgh Steelers gold and black appropriate for a tiny little baby girl?  This is for my new third cousin, coming in June.  It went together so quickly- one afternoon.  The pattern, Baby Bunnies by Sharon Sebrow is in Quilt, June/July 2008. 
This is a legitimate Scrappy Saturday addition, I promise.
Here's why:
1.  it's scrappy from my stash, except for the funky "peace and love" fabric I fell in love with at Walmart
2.  two of the diamonds have purple
But...I made it last summer after the AQS Quilt Show in Knoxville.  Where, by the way, I got called out for taking a picture of an exceptionally beautiful, brightly colored quilt.  I took several other pictures that I guess were allowed, but who knew?
Anyhow- There was a table of free issues of American Quilter, Sept 2010 magazines.  One contributor, Kay Oft, had this pattern Bebe Bear on her website,  It also went together quickly.  The plan is to handquilt and put a button in the middle of each diamond. 


Deanna said...

Football baby quilts make perfect sense to me. Lovely work lately!

scraphappy said...

So cute, definitely scrappy, and I can see the purple:)