Monday, June 6, 2011


Job's Niece (Hill, GL, 1927)

As many of Mrs. Hill's stories, Job's Niece begins with losing a beloved family member but also includes a wicked stepmother, unwise teenage marriage and an annoying fiance. 
Doris had to take over caring for the family.  She baked potatoes, made popovers with jam, opened a can of peaches, and served milk and coffee for a hurried supper.  Her younger sister, Rose fixed toast and eggs when she broke the news to Doris about making $5 a day being in "the movies."
Doris started a lovely job visiting Mrs. McDonald where they enjoyed cinnamon toast, fluffy cakes, bonbons and salted almonds for afternoon tea.  Rose added to her savings by making fudge, salted almonds, candy and stuffed dates for a concern (a business establishment) in the city.

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