Saturday, July 23, 2011

make, share

Friday night (and day) sewing

 Hmm...wonder what that 16th block is gonna look like?

Isn't is wonderful when people go the extra mile?  This is my second order from Fat Quarter Shop this year.  Lately, I've been acting like money grows on trees, but that's another story.  The sweet people that pack the fabric could just cram it in all willy-nilly, but NO, when I opened the box (already smiling, excited like Christmas morning) these cute little ghosts were peeking out, saying Boo!  They took the time to fold and arrange the panel neatly for a sweet surprise.  Please note the Happy Mochi and other pinky girly-girl treats.
 I'm gonna sit with them on the couch for awhile this evening.

We spent the day out of the heat in the mall yesterday.  With Borders closing (36 miles away) our next closest large bookstore will now be 86 miles away in Charleston, WV.  We go almost every weekend anyway to visit my parents, but it just seems pretty far.  Anyway, most stuff was 10% off, but magazines were 40%!    

All in all, a fun Friday!


vtquilter said...

Always nice to get a package in the mail! Such a cute panel. Look forward to seeing what you do with it!

AnnieO said...

(Quilting) money doesn't grow on trees?!! Dang, please don't tell my hubby!

Adorable purchased--how cute the panel looks, smiling up at you. Have fun!

Kristy said...

Isn't their packaging delightful! I always love to receive items from them too, they take such care with it!