Monday, July 25, 2011


The Prodigal Girl (Hill, GL, 1929) Part 1

The Thornton family moved away from worldly influences, back to Chester's boyhood home.  He could remember spiced cookies and gingerbread on the Sabbath.  Before their trip, the maid packed a lunch of sandwiches (ham, chicken, and jelly) blackberry tarts, sponge, nut and spice cakes and hard-boiled eggs.  She fixed a pot of soup and brought out thermos bottles of chocolate and milk as they were leaving.  Quite a busy morning of cooking.
The family stopped at an inn and had oatmeal and cream, sausage, fried potatoes, wheat cakes, coffee, honey and purple grapes.
In the evening, they realized Hannah had also packed a pair of roasted chickens, a baked ham and doughnuts.  They enjoyed the chickens with bread and butter, preserves, olives, roasted potatoes and corn pudding.
Afterward, they cleared up the kitchen and set the table for breakfast- more planning ahead!  Wouldn't having your breakfast table set help the morning rush?

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