Thursday, July 28, 2011


The Prodigal Girl (Hill, GL, 1929) Part 2

The first day, with all the snow-shoveling, the family was hungry for bacon and eggs for breakfast, and baked beans for lunch.  Chris' past caught up with him.  While the problem was being taken care of, Betty stepped up and made scrambled eggs and toast for the children.
Another day, the girls learned how to make pie, cookies and biscuits.  Betty was very proud of her chocolate cake with black butter frosting.
While bringing the Christmas tree home, they enjoyed lunch with raisin gingerbread.  They planned for Christmas with mince meat, molasses taffy, cranberry jelly and a 20-pound turkey.  So many of Mrs. Hill's stories include beautiful descriptions of Christmas celebrations.  I'm planning a collection of these posts in December.
Betty was so hungry while waiting for Dudley, but she had little money.  She bought peanut butter crackers and a 5-cent card of chocolate.

Many of Mrs. Hill's characters sew- mostly mending clothes, but The Prodigal Girl includes a rare mention of a patchwork quilt.  While Betty was making the bed, she tucked it in "viciously, not stopping to regard the delicate stitches...exquisite and microscopically small."
  Which brings me to this:
My aunt gave me two family quilts on our last visit.  This one has pieces of my Papa's and uncle's shirts.  Instead of packing it away, I've decided to display it on a ladder in my living room.
 It has 16 of these blocks.
  Depending on the two fabrics used
 the triangles stand out or it looks more like a square.
 The back is pieced, too.
It's wonderfully old, dirty, used and loved!

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Kristy said...

That is delightful!!! And even MORE meaningful that it was made from your Papa's and Uncle's clothes, I love that! Very, very special!