Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Last vacation pictures- I promise!
We drove back on Route 66 as much as possible, mostly I40.  It was nice to see all the interesting old stops, but kinda sad, too.  People had all these big dreams and businesses- then the interstate came through.  Here's a flatbed Ford in Winslow, Arizona where my little boy stood on the corner.  It's in a little park and they played the song over a loudspeaker.

The Wigwam Motel
  They were all booked up, but the manager was nice enough to let us take a peek inside.
  Very tiny, especially the shower.
 One super sweet boy at Cadillac Ranch.
 Precious Moments Chapel and Gardens, Carthage, Missouri
Probably my favorite stop.  The whole place felt like church.  As we were leaving,
 Great is Thy Faithfulness was playing over their sound system.
 A stained glass window...
 and a mural.

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Cassandra said...

My parents took me to the Precious Moments Chapel for my birthday one year, preteens I think. It was beautiful!