Sunday, November 13, 2011


Festival of Trees' theme this year is Storybook Christmas.  Trees must be decorated based on a book.  My class chose our favorite...
Pete is one laid-back cat.  He steps in all sorts of messy stuff, but just keeps walking along, singing his song.  I ordered this plushie from Amazon for our tree topper:
Super cute, but there's so much more!
Each child chose a color to make a shoe, based on whatever Pete stepped in.  These are my favorites:
a red high-top.  Just look at the detail!
and pizza.  Note the pepperoni and crust.
Kids come up with the best stuff.
Here it is, so far, with everybody's shoes and my trusty glue gun.
  FYI- It's hard to evenly space out 22 ornaments on a 4-foot tree.
Tomorrow, we're gonna work on...
bead icicles, and
primary color candy canes, banjos and electric guitars.
Why you may ask?


Deanna said...

EEP! That is cute! Congratulations to you and your class.

Cassandra said...

That cat is really cute!

I hope you enjoy Moser's historical fiction. I haven't read on in awhile and I'm starting to itch for a good fiction book. :) I still have not read any of Grace Livingston Hill's books but I think my library carries a few. I definitely need to check her out!