Monday, December 12, 2011


(I promise to get to the give-away soon)

Very little sewing has been going on, but I did make this last Sunday before church:
an endless scarf from sew many ways Make a Gift on the 25th tutorial.  Love it!  I'm making another one exactly like it for my mom.  These are the other accessories I plan to wear with it next week:
Where could we be going?
Hint:  My dad called during our 42 degree outdoor recess today, and said, "Next Monday at this time, we'll be much warmer."
2nd hint:  We're so excited!
Speaking of outdoor recess...Overheard on the swings from a group of little girls,
"Deck the halls with holly jolly!"
The rest of them joined in as if the lyrics were correct,
Fa la la la la...
An elementary school is the best place to be the week before Christmas.


Kate said...

Love the scarf and your accessories .... you're going to have fun! Enjoy.

Deanna said...

What a nice scarf! And, enjoy your trip--it will be a great time had by all, I'm sure.