Saturday, December 3, 2011

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I have a confession.  I still think these are pretty:
my Christmas sweaters.
  and I have an excuse, the little people I'm around all day also think they are pretty.  A couple years ago, I started feeling silly and uncomfortable while wearing them.  So, for the most part, I've given them up.  Especially last December when this very sweater was pictured in a segment on CBS News Sunday morning about Ugly sweaters.
Since I still like to dress a little holiday-ish, I accessorize instead.  I love sparkly pins and scarves.  It's a lifelong thing.  My mom said that when I was little, "We didn't have much money, so instead of decorating the house, we decorated Susanne."  When we ordered new school shirts a friend said, "Don't worry, you can stick some bling on it."  My sparkling problem is no secret. 

Here is quick rundown of how to make my latest crafty necklace:
A horribly blurry picture of the supplies:
1.  a velvety necklace cord
2.  some tiny little colorful threads (from a little sewing kit, a gift from a student last year)
String the red and green spools on the cord in an AB pattern (first-grade talk)
Wear with a red turtleneck sweater for just the right amount of Christmas spirit.

Why I love living in the country:
This morning, we went out to pick up sausage biscuits for breakfast.
  This little guy was in the parking lot:
We stopped to chat and he snorted (and was a little stinky.)  He was very friendly.
 I wondered where he was headed on such a cold morning.

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