Saturday, January 28, 2012

make, give

Finished 3 more tiny totes this week.  Six down, seventeen to go.
Linking up to the last red Saturday in the Rainbow Challenge. Wonder what February's color will be?

Also made this bright, orange block:
My completed Operation Intentional Kindness assignments this week:
1.  My son and I are gonna fill 2 bags (for a boy and a girl) for Craft Hope's latest project.  I'll make the totes and then we'll shop together for the treats.  The deadline is March 12, so there's plenty of time if you'd like to help out too.
2.  Read-aloud is the most peaceful time of the day in our class.  We read a Fairy Tale after lunch, and a couple other stories through the day. 
4.  Our church members do this often for each other.  We even used to have cards to pass out to the car behind us.  I haven't yet, but does almost last summer count?  Our minister was behind us in line at McDonald's, but I was afraid he was buying breakfast for his whole office, so I chickened out.
5.  Giving a bag of clothes my son has outgrown to our school's Family Resource center.

Check Mom's Toolbox tomorrow morning for next week's missions!


Cathy Tomm said...

More bags. They are great again. The light in this photo is really showing off just how nice a cheery they are. Thanks for commenting on y post today.

scraphappy said...

Happy little bags, looks like you are making good progress.

april said...

Beautiful totes! Lucky recipients!

Deanna said...

That is a very happy orange block. I have about decided that I need to make an orange quilt just to make sure that I smile a lot while sewing.

Scrappy quilter said...

Great tote bags. I love them.

Ellen said...

Great little totes! I also really like the vibrant orange block.

Gail said...

Cute little bags!

Connie said...

What cute bags and I love your neat orange block!