Wednesday, January 25, 2012

share has a Rudolph Club on the 25th of each month with ideas for getting a head start on next Christmas.  A few years ago I started using this tip- I try to put $1 each day into my own "Christmas Club."  Every few weeks, I add it to my savings account, and by December, there's a couple hundred dollars!
To celebrate January 25th...

The Christmas Bride (Hill, GL, 1934)

Grandmother made toast, two eggs, gingerbread and applesauce with tea for supper.  Before eating, they prayed, "Our Father, we thank Thee that thou hast given us abundance for out needs, and we thank Thee for the things Thou didst not send , because we know there must have been some good reason for withholding.  Make us truly thankful for all that we have..."
Margaret was used to coffee and hot soup, but her first dinner in her new boarding place was chicken and rice soup, a chop, baked potato, stewed tomatoes, and apple pie with cheese.  Another night, there was beefsteak, fried potatoes, string-beans.
For their trip home, Mrs. Harris packed chicken sandwiches, a thermos of coffee, spice cake and cheese.  When they arrived, Grandmother had an omelette, fried mush, syrup, brown bread, applesauce, tea and carroway cookies. 
To prepare for Christmas, Grandmother made mince pies and stuffing while Mrs. Harris fixed plum pudding and fruit cake.  They invited orphans to share turkey, and vegetables, cranberries, ice cream, pie, nuts and candies.  Christmas breakfast included sausages, buckwheat cakes, coffee and doughnuts.

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