Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Mystery Flowers (Hill, GL, 1936)

The first mention of food in this story is when Maggie takes coffee and sandwiches to new neighbors when they move in.  She is delighted with the mother and son, making friends immediately.

Soon, we learn how just how frugal this mom can be.  Their first dinner is chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes and gravy, creamed onions, currant jelly and sugar cookies with coffee to top it off.  Gordon prayed, "Lord, we thank thee for each other, and for Thyself, and for this food which Thou has furnished us tonight," over the meal.  The next night, remains of the chicken appeared in a chicken pie.  Finally, on the third night, she made a "wee salad" from bits of chicken, roast potatoes and baked apple dumpling with sauce.

Diana rushed through breakfast, having porridge, scones, strawberry jam and milk, then left to find a job.  On her first day, a new friend shared an extra pear for lunch.  After dinner, she bought a cheap sandwich, 2 apples, milk and cereal for the next day.

During the house fire, Mrs. McCarroll packed ham sandwiches and coffee for the fireman.

So many helpful acts of kindness throughout the story and a comment about prayer:
"I always know there'll be an answer if I pray in the right way, with faith, with a yielded will, with a desire to be led."  Have you prayed that way lately?

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Deanna said...

Food is so much more than calories when it is served with love.