Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Each year, nurses come from our local hospital to teach the children about nutrition.  They have fake food to hold up illustrating each food group.  This year, they added a few unhealthy examples that children are supposed to tell their parents not to buy.  This was one of them:
She explained that there is just too much fat and salt and the portion size is too large. 
All I thought was, "That looks good."
I've noticed it at Walmart the past few shopping trips and finally bit the bullet.  It's over $7- a bit pricey.  So this afternoon (we eat dinner the SECOND we get in from school) I started some rice, cut up some cucumber and made fresh tea while this was in the skillet.  Smelled so good and only took about 15 minutes for dinner to be ready. 
It looked really pretty on my orange Fiesta plate with fancy paper towel napkin.
My opinion:
It was pretty good, but not salty enough.  Carrots and water chestnuts? okay.  Edamame? yum.  Chicken?  good.  But for $2 more, I could get a to-go buffet from our local Chinese restaurant with fried rice, egg rolls and those delicious corn nugget squishy hushpuppy like things.
I have big Friday Night Sew-in plans for this little pretty:
This is my latest addition to my Stay-at-Home Robin project.  I cut some too-big triangles, sewed them on, then trimmed it up.  Next, I'm adding some applique in each corner.
  Do you have big Friday night plans?

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Cassandra said...

That does look really yummy! I loved orange chicken before I became vegetarian and it is one of my life goals to find or create the perfect orange tofu recipe. I've had some really GOOD orange tofu dishes at restaurants but can't recreate them at home!

Beautiful block! I love seeing what quilting you are working on. :)

Friday night... we will be working on a puzzle and drinking tea. For me, it's the perfect way to relax. :)