Saturday, March 17, 2012

make, share

They're back...
this nest only took 2 days to build.
  I took out the light bulb for them.  This is their fourth year in this spot. 
 Friday Night Sewing was postponed.
  My cousin had by-pass surgery yesterday and I spent the evening with family.  He's doing well- breathing independently last night, up and around this morning.
I made this Poochie Bag Tuesday evening.
 Another wonderful tote pattern from Monica.  I used the middle pooch measurement, then added a pin Thursday evening- two circles with triangles cut-out and a button sewn on.
Last but not least, St. Patrick's Day Fiesta!


Nancy said...

I am glad your cousin is doing well after surgery. Your tote bag is so cute. You make the best tote bags. I love your attention to detail with the add-ons.

Cassandra said...

Cool nest! I think it's awesome the way birds can adapt their nests to almost any location.

I'm glad your cousin's surgery went well! That's a cool bag. I hope he liked it!

Deanna said...

Lucky birds! And a darling place setting with a cute placemat.