Friday, April 6, 2012


Some Spring Break crafting!
Finished the hand-quilting on this.  Just big squares going round and round.
Got the pieced blocks finished for my class' Tortilla Quilt.
The kiddos are gonna use fabric markers on 6 1/2" white squares in between to draw happy things.  I used bright, warm colors that don't scream boy or girl because we're donating it to Project Linus.
I made these two wacka-doo blocks with the leftovers for the back.
I'm already thinking how pretty this pattern would be in scrappy blues and greens.  plaids even.
And finally, I bought this little frame for 5 cents at a yard sale over 20 years ago.
  It's moved with me six times in the same desk drawer.
  We painted it black this morning and added this cute free printable
It lives over my desk now.  Love it!   


CreatewithTlc said...

The framed version turned out very cute.

Deanna said...

Beautiful projects. I love the bright, warm colors. Maybe you should make a few friends for those two lonely blocks?

soscrappy said...

Great quilting on the star blocks! Love the whack a doo blocks best of all.

Angie said...

Great projects - I especially love the scrappy stars!

Cathy Tomm said...

Very Nice star quilt.

Ellen said...

Your star quilt looks great! Your Project Linus quilt is going to some boy or girl feel special!!

Elly D said...

You have some cute projects on the go and such vibrant colours. What a great idea to paint your frame and hang to make a 'space' to put up other things with in it.