Thursday, April 12, 2012

share, make

Returning to school after Spring Break wasn't easy on anyone.  Monday and Tuesday I fussed, be quiet and stop talking all the live-long day.
 Wednesday, I tried to make it up to them by planting magic seeds.
First thing this morning, they checked their plants in the window and low and behold:
Lollipops with ribbons had bloomed overnight! 
Six-year-olds are so cynical these days.  They were pretty sure I had something to do with it, but most of them wanted to believe and kept looking at me sideways.
Planting jellybeans is a new tradition for me- yet another reason I love reading crafty blogs- found it here.  I don't come up with many new ideas, but I sure can copy :)

Made these cuffs for Autism Awareness month:
   Kept one for myself and shared the other with our BD teacher.  She is a kindred spirit if there ever was one.  She provides a friendly place in our school for children to meltdown and relax before returning to the regular classroom.  Monday morning, she was busily advocating for a child before 8:00 am!  Love her, wishing to have her patience.

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Mary-je said...

Love your magic jelly beans!!