Monday, April 16, 2012

share, make

Our local guild had their quilt show Saturday afternoon.  We chose our favorites- Colton's was an appliqued Halloween sampler (no surprise) and mine was a beautifully done Patriots in Petticoats.  My pictures didn't come out but I found the pattern at Quilting by the Bay.  While shopping in the lobby, I met the lady who made it.  She owns a new quilt shop in town.

Of course, you can't attend a quilt show in a State Park without playing in the creek.
  Apparently, 61 degrees is NOT too chilly to go wading.

I finished my Bingo card. 
It was really fun digging through my novelty fabrics.  My key is hard to read so I'll explain it here:
B: bus, apple, lunchbox, school, chalkboard.  These were from a jumper I actually wore during my first few years of teaching.  I accessorized with a white turtleneck, white socks and Keds.
  Younger teachers mock this ensemble now.
I: Grand Canyon, cowboy, sign, tepee, cactus  -fabric bought in Williams, Arizona at Quilter's Mercantile during my dream Route 66 vacation.
N: Florida, West Virginia, free, Ohio, Kentucky  -states I've enjoyed living in.
  Another state shall remain nameless.
G: smoothie, popsicle, sundae, cupcake, raspberries -yummy treats
O: duck, tree, cherries, ladybug, farm -cute things
I'm linking up to Hillbilly Handiworks.  There's still a week if you wanna play along. 


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, you have some very interesting pieces there! Thank you for linking up today.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Really cool Bingo Cards! Love all your squares! cool a Teepee and the Route 66. This is going to be so much fun! Thanks for Linking up for the BINGO!
Enjoy your day!

Fiona said...

What lovely and unusual pictures you have.... good luck and have fun

Char M said...

Oh, I love your bingo card. Your squares are so colorful and whimsical

Connie said...

Great bingo card!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Your card is amazing. You have the most unique of all. I love how you thought out your rows. If I was giving a prize for unique and thought out--you would win!

I used to have all the Grace Livingston Hill books. had to get rid of them because of moving too often. :(

Oh, your card is all logged down and ready for you to go!

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your card...very creative!