Sunday, June 10, 2012


Look what my dad made!
He used ana white's large modern porch swing plans.  We shortened it to 36" to fit our existing swing set frame and used chain instead of rope.  Colton finally came in when it was too dark for me to see him swinging last night.  I have big plans for some cushions...

While making these small totes, I had the idea for a burlap on the bottom, pretty fabric on top tote.  With one small piece of swirly orange Sunkissed left, I upsized Monica's tiny treats tote for this:
The 11-inch straps and lining are my hoarded tangerine Happy Mochi.  The canvas flower is from AC Moore as is the burlap flower:
Can't decide which I like better!


sunny said...

Beautiful bag! And how lucky are you to have a new porch swing. Can't wait to see what you have in mind for cushions.

LM said...

Love the sunny orange for a cute summer bag. I like the white flower better. (saw you in Pursepalooza).

Cassandra said...

I actually like the bottom photo best. I think the white gets lost in the fabric design but the darker color really stands out. Nice bag!