Wednesday, July 16, 2014

make, share

Waffle Wednesday
Made homemade waffles this morning. Like pancakes, the first one doesn't work out well. Lesson learned? Grease the top of the waffle iron, too.

Back on track...
Antibiotics knocked me for a loop this weekend. So thankful for them but the side effects? Yuck.  Anyway, after lying on the couch a few days, I'm up and around.
Financial Fast Days 7-9
Yesterday was almost a no-spend day. Does it count if you use change to buy a Mega Million ticket? No, of course not. On the other hand, we ordered Pizza Hut after church on Sunday, had Texas Roadhouse on Monday and... 
I spent $2.00 on these pretties.
Totally worth it.
The topics covered in Financial Fast were:
Budgeting- I use a 50% needs/30% wants/20% savings chart for my budget. There's always a little leftover in wants and the savings section is my spending money. I'm getting there and it's so much better than 5 years ago.
Saving- My retirement and annuity are deducted from my check, and I love my savings envelopes.
Investing- not for me :)


Marti said...

I haven't made waffles in years. Those look really good.

Kate said...

The waffles look yummmy! If the first one doesn't look good, it still tastes good!

Cassandra said...

The flowers are pretty! Totally worth it!