Sunday, August 2, 2015


Listening- to the quiet. The air conditioner isn't even running with these wonderful cool mornings we've been having.
Loving- this last day of summer. Trying to remember every ending is also a beginning- planning to have a great school year
Thinking- of breakfast- Sister Schubert sausage rolls
Wanting- a weedeater that's easy to start. Grass in my gravelbed has gotten away from me.
Needing- still nothing. I have way more than I need.
B2S RAK- a card for my friend. She requested to move from 3rd to Kindergarten, but is now feeling some anxiety about it. I want her to know what a perfect place it will be.
Happy Sunday!


LeAnne Cooper said...

Sister Schubert makes sausage rolls? I love their dinner rolls! :)
Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper

Kate said...

Sounds like life is going well. Good luck with this new school year.

Kidpeople Classroom said...

So wonderful to be in a spot in life where you need nothing. And your card to your new colleague will so help her settle and be at peace. I agree... kindergarten is a terrific place. Thanks for sharing.
Kidpeople Classroom