Tuesday, August 18, 2015


     Happy New Year!
     School is going quite well!
     Remember my little Reading buddy? In April, her parents asked for a conference. They requested she repeat first-grade and asked if I could have her again. I debated for a few days, then decided that would be best. Well...eight days in, we completed our first one-minute timing. She read 13 wpm!! So proud!
First day writing and math journal prompts.
     I made a change in Writer's Workshop. We only write one sentence each day during Reading Unit 1. I draw a line halfway down the page so we fit two day's writings on each page. As we add a sentence during each unit, we'll start to use a whole page.
     I still love to make predictable charts (good old Four Blocks) but don't like how long it takes to write each child's sentence. Using my new-fangled chart, I write the question once, then the children write their answer. During Open House, parents wrote an encouraging note to their child:
     We also used it to list suggestions to name our classroom Spider plants:
I'm proud to introduce Peter Parker and Baby JoJo!
Hope your school year is also going well!
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Kate said...

Looks like you've gotten off to a great start!