Monday, August 22, 2016


A few tweaks to my classroom routines...

1. Combined my Writing and Math journals. Two years ago, we started using half a page each day for Writing. We started out strong with Math journals and they fell by the wayside. This year, we're using the same notebook for both. I'm continuing to send it home for show-off time every other Thursday so parents can see our progress.

2. Vocabulary folders. I've used A Word a Day for several years (another started out strong...) but this year, we're using a Speaking and Listening vocabulary activity every other week. We'll collect the activity pages in our folder to make our own dictionary. Our county-wide book study is Word Nerds, which has tons of great ideas. I've adapted one idea for our Kagan mat on each table:
3. I've been invited to be a GoNoodle Ambassador this year! We use these fun exercise videos at 10:25 each day. Go check them out!

4. I'm trying to lighten up a bit. This year's group is quite talkative and wiggly. I've always let kiddos stand up at (near) their desks while they're working and I'm trying to let them visit more during nonessential work times. Patience...

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Kate said...

I've always admired the elementary grade teachers. How you cope with and actually manage to teach all those wiggly, excited kids baffles me. I just had one and working with her on homework was always a trial of my patience!