Friday, March 16, 2018


     Twice this week two little girls said, "I wish we'd finished Roz."
     "We did," I answered, thinking it was such a What? That's it? ending (no spoiler alerts here) that they didn't realize The Wild Robot had ended.

     Our class enjoyed this story so much. It is a middle-grade novel but while pre-reading for Global Read Aloud I just knew my kiddos could handle it. They fell in love!
     They played Roz at playtime. They wrote about her in their journals. Even my previously homeschooled, uninterested in all-things-school little friend drew lodges with smoke billowing out the top, Roz and Brightbill for days on the back of his finished work. We learned amazing vocabulary, cool text features and so many interesting things about animals. There were gasps of No! (when Brightbill tried Roz's off button) and a few tears.

     Well, my pre-ordered sequel Wild Robot Escapes arrived yesterday! Four days early and 97 cents cheaper. Yay Amazon! I am so excited (besides it's Friday!) to get to school! I'm gonna grab the original from the library so we can read the last chapter again, and meanie that I am, will probably expect them to write predictions in their journal before we start. Hope they don't mind :)

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Teri Cote said...

I read The Wild Robot to my class also and they too loved it. My copy of the next is suppose to arrive tomorrow. I guess I get to read it first this weekend!