Friday, March 9, 2018


     Besides spontaneously falling out of a chair from a seated position, first-graders are pretty famous for pulling teeth. I've watched kiddos wiggle a tooth all day. Then they need a baggie usually right in the middle of a reading lesson.
     Forty-three years ago, I knocked my own tooth down my throat while showing my first-grade teacher how loose it was. She was gracious enough to write my mom a note so the Tooth Fairy would come. My Colton was always creeped out by the idea that someone would be in his room while he slept, so he'd leave a note somewhere besides under his pillow.

     Story from today...
Little cutie-pie: While I was at Disneyworld the Tooth Fairy left me a five dollar bill. She'd never done that before.
Me: Wow! Was it a really big tooth?
LCP: No, just a regular one, but I had taken really good care of it.

     Do you have any Tooth Fairy memories?

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Cari Bergstrom said...

I HATE when second graders pull their teeth out. It creeps me out haha. I tell them that they don't get a lost tooth brag tag if they pull their tooth out. It has to fall out on it's own.