Saturday, March 9, 2019


We're celebrating my mom's birthday today. Which reminds me...

Since last March I celebrated my 50th birthday.

My 50th birthday like all previous birthdays, the big one,
     highly anticipated, best day of the year
My 50th birthday during which I attended a funeral so I dressed up
     wearing a shorter than usual dress with 3/4 length sleeves
My 50th birthday when unfortunately I came in contact with bedbugs
     which ate me alive but only on the back of my thighs and wrists-
     the exposed areas from the aforementioned dress.
My 50th birthday. The one where my mom says I get a do-over.

Follow-up: The school nurses looked at each other knowingly when I named the funeral home, as if they'd dealt with this before. But in their defense, I also hugged a lot of people, rode in a rental car and ate at a church dinner. A few uncomfortable, itchy days and a prescription of steroid cream and I'm good as new!

I borrowed this awesome Since last March...format from fellow Slicer Elizabeth and have many different topic ideas. Just you wait and see! I think it would be a perfect pre-writing activity with my kiddos for a 1.4 paragraph.

First-grade teeth...2018 slice
Slices 2016 and before


Chris Margocs said...

An unusual 50th birthday, indeed, and worthy of a do-over. And bedbugs at a funeral home?...I'm looking forward to the do-over story!

Mirielle Strasser said...

My 50th is a few short years away. This gives me a little hope :).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. It sounds memorable. Enjoy your do-over.

Lisa Keeler said...

Yes- a do-over is definitely in order! Hopefully 51 is coming up soon.

Kate said...

Definitely a do over!